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Latest Cochrane Review finds high certainty evidence that nicotine e-cigarettes are more effective than traditional nicotine-replacement therapy (NRT) in helping people quit smoking


Research led by the University of Oxford, and funded by Cancer Research UK, has found the strongest evidence yet that e-cigarettes, also known as ‘vapes’, help people to quit smoking better than traditional nicotine replacement therapies, such as patches and chewing gums.

Fostering connections between social prescribing link workers and the cultural sector


A knowledge exchange event, organised by the Oxford Social Prescribing Research Network (OSPRN), brought together social prescribing link workers and cultural sector staff. OSPRN is comprised of staff from the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) and Gardens, Libraries and Museums (GLAM), as well as other internal and external contributors.

UPDATE: First-ever Evidence-Based Health Care Summer School was a great success!

Alumni Courses Research Students

Led by the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, and jointly run by the Department for Continuing Education, we recently hosted a summer school, inviting EBHC students, supervisors, consumers, and leading evidence-based experts into the surroundings of Kellogg College, University of Oxford. 4-20 July 2022. This unique experience offered a variety of events, including EBHC modules; non-accredited short courses; a selection of workshops and EBMLive 2022.

Congratulations to Course Director, Annette Plüddemann: shortlisted for Vice-Chancellor's Education Awards 2022

Awards and announcements

MSc in EBHC Course Director, Annette Plüddemann, has been shortlisted for this year's Vice-Chancellor's Education Awards for her project submission, showcasing digital education innovation in the form of 'The EBM Primer', created in 2018 by former EBHC DPhil student, Marcy McCall MacBain.

World No Tobacco Day 2022, 'Protect the environment'


Today, Tuesday 31 May, is World No Tobacco Day – an annual event aimed to raise awareness of the harms caused by tobacco products to people, public health, communities and the environment; claiming the lives of over 8 million people every year. This years’ theme is 'Protect the environment'.

Congratulations to FHS student, Harrison France, on receiving 1st place in IUPHAR Student Research Poster Competition 2022.

Awards and announcements COVID-19 Research Students

Final Honours student, from the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Science and the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Harrison France, has recently been awarded first place in the IUPHAR ( International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology) Student Research Poster Competition 2022 by the British Pharmacological Society for his research on preventable deaths involving medicines.

MSc EBHC students awarded 2022 EBHC Dissertation Prize for outstanding Dissertations

Awards and announcements Students

We are delighted to congratulate three of our MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care students, Stella Vieth, Andrew Dagens, and Sean Godfrey, having been awarded this year's EBHC Dissertation Prize for outstanding dissertations.

EBHC DPhil alumnus, Dr. Samantha Roberts, announced as new Chief Executive at NICE

Awards and announcements Students

We are delighted to announce that with over 20 years experience in healthcare, having worked in service delivery, consultancy and as a clinician, Dr Roberts has been appointed the new Chief Executive of NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) as of 1 February 2022.

In helping smokers quit, combining treatments is key


A new clinical review, co-authored by Associate Professor Jamie Hartmann-Boyce and Dr Jonathan Livingstone-Banks of the University of Oxford, provides guidance to physicians and the public about the most effective tobacco cessation treatments.

PCR cycle threshold may be key to predicting infectiousness of people with asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic COVID-19, suggests new review.


An international team of researchers, led from the Centre for Evidence-based Medicine based in the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, University of Oxford, and funded by the World Health Organization and the National Institute for Health Research School for Primary Care Research, have today announced the findings from the most complete analysis of high-quality covid transmission studies in asymptomatic and pre-symptomatic people to date.

Congratulations to Professor Rafael Perera-Salazar on the award of Turing Fellowship.

Awards and announcements Research

Director of Medical Statistics, Rafael, is one of over 30 Oxford academics from across the university to be awarded the 2021/22 fellowship from the Alan Turing Institute, the UK’s national institute for data science and AI.

Can electronic cigarettes help people quit smoking? (Updated)


Published this week is the fourth update of the Cochrane review of ‘Electronic cigarettes for smoking cessation’, and the second since it switched to a living review format in October 2020. This review brings together the most up to date research findings on the effect and safety of using electronic cigarettes to help people to stop smoking.

MSc EBHC students awarded EBHC Dissertation Prize for outstanding Dissertation

Awards and announcements MSc EBHC Systematic Review MSc Evidence-Based Health Care Students

Congratulations to Michael Tringale, who recently completed the MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care, and Claire Duddy, who recently completed the MSc in EBHC Systematic Reviews, as they are both awarded this year's EBHC Dissertation Prize for outstanding dissertation.

Congratulations to MSc in EBHC student, Wei Loong Lim, on receiving this year’s Gillian Nicholls Prize.

Awards and announcements MSc Evidence-Based Health Care

The Gillian Nicholls Prize is awarded by Kellogg College, to MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care student, Wei Loong Lim, for his dissertation "The effectiveness of positive psychology interventions for promoting well-being of adults experiencing depression compared to other active psychological treatments: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised trials".

Clinical Prediction Rules: new short course in Health Sciences for 2022

Courses MSc EBHC Medical Statistics

Clinical Prediction Rules is a new accredited short course that will run in May 2022, and will soon be available for students who join the MSc in EBHC Medical Statistics from 2022/23.

Oxford Social Prescribing Research Network launches website


The Oxford Social Prescribing Research Network from the University of Oxford have today launched a new website, bringing together world-class evidence-based research and expertise from the cultural and heritage sector to support people's health and well-being through social prescribing.

Can electronic cigarettes can help people quit smoking?


Newly updated Cochrane evidence published today in the Cochrane Library finds that electronic cigarettes containing nicotine could increase the number of people who stop smoking compared to nicotine replacement therapy – such as chewing gum and patches – and compared to no treatment, or electronic cigarettes without nicotine. More information is needed on harms.


Evidence-based research needs to become our day-to-day tool to address health challenges and answer complex problems

In this blog, MSc EBHC student, Filippo Giliberti, discusses how the programme enables students to ask bold questions and answer complex health problems.

The student voice: Medical Student Ioan Baxter share 3rd-year research project

Ioan Baxter, a 3rd-year medical student, at Worcester College, writes this blog, detailing his research project, as part of the Final Honours Scheme Research Projects Programme, completed under the supervision of Dr. David Nunan of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.

Response to Physicians for Smoke-Free Canada’s coverage of the Cochrane review of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation

In this blog, Dr Jamie Hartmann-Boyce and Dr Nicola Lindson from the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group, address comments and questions raised by Physicians for a Smoke-Free Canada, relating to the recently published Cochrane review of e-cigarettes for smoking cessation.

7 things to know about e-cigarettes and quitting smoking

In this blog, Jamie Hartmann-Boyce from the Cochrane Tobacco Addiction Group and Martin Dockrell from the Office of Health Improvement and Disparities share 7 things you need to know about e-cigarettes and quitting smoking, with evidence from the Cochrane Living Review of E-cigarettes and Smoking Cessation.

The precarity of health policy

In this blog, researchers and module coordinators, Dr Nicola Lindson and Jonathan Livingstone-Banks, discuss the Nuffield Intervention Ladder: a way of systematising interventions on the ‘Libertarianism’ to ‘Collectivism’ ideological spectrum that often influence approaches to public health matters.

Postgraduate perspective: Generating a Research Question for a Systematic Review

Many postgraduate students struggle to formulate their research questions. In this blog, Evidence-Based Health Care DPhil student, Ali Mulhem, shares his experience of finding a research question for a dissertation, having previously completed the MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care.

Alumnus perspective: Developing research skills and a questioning mindset

In this blog, MSc in EBHC alumnus, Drew Dagens, reflects on his experience of the programme and his research project under the supervision of Course Director, Annette Plüddemann, having recently published his dissertation in the journal, 'Clinical Microbiology and Infection'.

Is it time for OCEBM Levels of Evidence v.3?

In this blog, EBHC DPhil student, Ranin Soliman, reveals why she believes now, as we emerge out of the covid-19 pandemic, is a crucial time to revise the OCEBM 2011 Levels of Evidence v.2, to address health economic evaluation and avoid over-estimation of predicted outcomes and misinterpretation of findings.

Angille Heintzman: Transition from MSc to DPhil in Evidence-Based Healthcare

EBHC DPhil student, Angille Heintzman, shares her experience having completed an MSc in EBHC and now furthering her education by completing a DPhil in EBHC.

Omotayo Adebanji: Transitioning from MSc to DPhil in EBHC

EBHC DPhil student, Omotayo Adebanji, shares his experience having completed an MSc in EBHC and now furthering his education by completing a DPhil in EBHC.