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February 2016

ECDC launches consultation ECDC preliminary scientific advice - Expert Opinion on Neuraminidase Inhibitors for prevention and treatment of influenza. Download the draft scientific advice.

Independent drug bulletin Prescrire summarises story: “Over a 15-year period, Roche, the company that markets Tamiflu, has hampered independent analysis of the assessment data on oseltamivir in the treatment of influenza." 

Full text available for free download.

March 2016

Hama R, Jefferson T, Heneghan C. Cochrane reviewers’ comments on the ECDC draft preliminary Scientific Advice paper.

UK Cochrane Centre publishes a timeline of media coverage.

JAMA editors publish an editorial on data sharing: "For instance, previous reports involving rofecoxib and oseltamivir illustrate the problem of incomplete or misleading reporting of clinical trial."

Peter Doshi and colleagues challenge the evidence base used by the CDC to make recommendations on the use of Oseltamivir. Tamiflu For All? Evidence Of Morbidity In CDC’s Antiviral Guidelines.

May 2016

Rokuro Hama publishes a review of the evidence of the mechanism of action of neuraminidase inhibitors in Infectious Diseases.

The independent drug Bulletin “Med Check The Informed Prescriber” (Japanese) introduces the Cochrane team’s critical comments on the ECDC experts’ draft advice on neuraminidase inhibitor use.

June 2016

Cochrane author team publish HTA review and find no effect of oseltamivir on mortality in patients with 2009A/H1N1 influenza.

Rokuro Hama reviews the evidence of harms on neuraminidase inhibitors in the Journal of Infectious Diseases. In a linked commentary Tom Jefferson explains the significance.

August 2016

Mark Jones publishes on Immortal time bias in observational studies of time-to-event outcomes, and strongly suggest time-dependent exposures be included as time-dependent variables in hazard-based analyses.

September 2016

Neuraminidase Inhibitors and Hospital Mortality in British Patients with H1N1 Influenza A published: A Re-Analysis of Observational Data.