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The steps of practicing EBM:

  1. Ask a focused question.
  2. Track down the evidence
  3. Critically appraise evidence for its validity, effect size, precision
  4. Apply the evidence in practice:
  • amalgamate the valid evidence with other relevant information (values & preferences, clinical/health issues, & system issues)
  • implement the decision in practice

PowerPoint downloads

Other resources:

Year 4 Medical Students

Powerpoint Template

Other readings

Chapter 39: Evidence Based Medicine; C. Heneghan, P. Glasziou.

Chapter 30: Evidence-Based Medicine; C. Heneghan, P. Glasziou.

EBM Volume 10: Finding the Gold in Medline.

EBM Notebook: Measurement Scales and their Summary Statistics.

EBM Thread 2010: How to Find the Evidence; E. Bastin, O. Coxall, T. Petrinic.

EBM Volume 10: Statistical approaches to uncertainty: p values and confidence intervals unpacked; H. Doll, S. Carney.