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Preventing deaths from cardiovascular disease and anticoagulants: an analysis of coroner Prevention of Future Deaths reports (PFDs) questions whether lessons are being learnt

Preventing premature death is the aim of coroners’ Prevention of Future Deaths reports. But is this system really helping us to prevent such harms? Oxford medical student, Ali Anis, examined deaths involving cardiovascular disease and anticoagulants for his Final Honours Scheme (FHS) research, to assess the state of play, now published in BJGP Open.

The student voice: Medical Student Ioan Baxter share 3rd-year research project

Ioan Baxter, a 3rd-year medical student, at Worcester College, writes this blog, detailing his research project, as part of the Final Honours Scheme Research Projects Programme, completed under the supervision of Dr. David Nunan of the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine.

Congratulations to FHS student, Harrison France, on receiving 1st place in IUPHAR Student Research Poster Competition 2022.

Final Honours student, from the Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Science and the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Harrison France, has recently been awarded first place in the IUPHAR ( International Union of Basic and Clinical Pharmacology) Student Research Poster Competition 2022 by the British Pharmacological Society for his research on preventable deaths involving medicines.

Pandemics, Pharmacology, and Preventable Deaths

Blog published August 2022 in the British Pharmacological Society

The Oxford Catalogue of Opioids: A systematic synthesis of opioid drug names and their pharmacology

Journal article

Richards GC. et al, (2021), British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

Physical activity for treatment of irritable bowel syndrome

Journal article

Nunan D. et al, (2015), Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, 2015