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February 2018

At the UK Houses of Parliament, Professor Carl Heneghan spoke at a meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group into mesh. The meeting is reported in CAMBS Times.

July 2018

The Guardian reports on a Houses of Parliament meeting:

Senior doctors call for public inquiry into use of vaginal mesh surgery… 

“With thalidomide you could see the visual representation. [With mesh] you can’t see it,” Heneghan told the meeting. “We should have a public enquiry."

October 2018

In a BMJ editorial, Surgical mesh and patient safety  Carl Heneghan and Fiona Godlee refer to NICE guidance on mesh and call for a patient register of implants.

The Guardian reports: Vaginal mesh should be offered as last resort, health officials:

"Carl Heneghan, who previously called for a public inquiry into the use of mesh, said: “We’ve been far too quick to resort to surgery as a first choice when it should have been a last chance and as a consequence many women have suffered harm.” Heneghan described the guidelines as “step in the right direction”.

November 2018

The BMJ (blog): Unreported clinical trial of the week: prospective outcomes study of …

"Nick DeVito, Ben Goldacre, Carl Heneghan … Symbotex™, one brand of mesh, incorporates a bioabsorbable film into a nonabsorbable..."

The Guardian: Revealed: faulty medical implants harm patients around world: 

"Replacement hips and vaginal mesh products sold to hospitals without any …. of investigations overseen by the MHRA at a time when complaints are soaring. … Carl Heneghan, a professor of evidence-based medicine at the…"