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Head and shoulders shot of Professor Carl Heneghan

Blog posts

Can we trust the integrity of trial evidence informing UK clinical guidelines?

Final year medical students Minahil, Oskar, and Sukhmunni joined Dr David Nunan at the Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (CEBM) for a three-week special study module (SSM). While developing their understanding of some of the issues currently facing medical research, they also developed a protocol to further understand the scope of these issues.

Is the ‘best’ really the ‘best’? Chris Banks-Pillar recently completed his MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care focusing on the conundrum of whether the ‘best’ evidence really is the 'best’.

Chris Banks-Pillar shares his journey interrogating the integrity of evidence around exercise-based interventions for treating non-specific chronic lower back pain (NSCLBP) for his MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care dissertation.