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The decline in scientific freedom has been particularly visible during the COVID-19 pandemic. Join our conference, Lack of scientific freedom: causes, consequences and cures, Copenhagen 24 - 25 October 2022.


The overall theme is the recent decline in scientific freedom, which has been particularly visible during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Abstracts are being accepted on all aspects of scientific freedom in healthcare research.

Call for Abstracts - CLOSED


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What does the current system look like? Is it evidence-based medicine?
Carl Heneghan, Director, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, Oxford, UK

RIAT: Restoring invisible and abandoned trials and working with clinical study reports             
Tom Jefferson, Senior Associate Tutor, University of Oxford

Scientific censorship and pervasive corruption in psychiatry
Robert Whitaker, Science Journalist, Boston, USA

Exposing the statin controversy
Maryanne Demasi, PhD and journalist, Sydney, Australia

Silencing whistleblowers and refusing to retract fraudulent papers
Peter Wilmshurst, Cardiologist, Stoke-on-Trent, UK

The Chinese-US joint cover up of the origin of COVID-19
Peter C Gøtzsche, Director, Institute for Scientific Freedom, Copenhagen, Denmark

What happens when a scientist gets results about COVID-19 that are unwelcome?
John PA Ioannidis, Professor, University of Stanford, California

The deadly consequences of ignoring drug utilization data
Joan-Ramon Laporte, Founder and Director, Butlletí Groc, Barcelona, Spain

Opening company archives in lawsuits and exposing the fraud in clinical trials
Kim Witczak, Drug Safety and Consumer Advocate, Los Angeles, California

What might a totally new system look like?
David Hammerstein, Director, Commons Network, previous MEP, Valencia, Spain


This event is hosted by the Institute for Scientific Freedom and the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, University of Oxford.