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We are extremely excited to invite you to our 3rd EBHC Student Skills Workshops in the surroundings of Green Templeton College at the University of Oxford, 09-13 September 2024. 

Designed with you in mind, this free event is exclusively available to our existing EBHC MSc and DPhil students, providing an opportunity to join programme supervisors and leading evidence-based experts for a week of skills workshops where you can meet with fellow students, share experiences, explore opportunities and enhance your skills. 
All content will  focus on research integrity with taught methods of rigour, honesty, fairness and open communication that are translatable to evidence-based health care. (*Please note that the skills workshop week is an optional activity only, and not a formal part of the EBHC Postgraduate programme).

We will support students with sessions tailored for presenting learned information, concepts and results in thesis and dissertations. 

The full programme including workshop facilitators and learning outcomes will be hosted in CANVAS.  

Throughout the week, dinners, lunches and other social events will be hosted, however accommodation and travel must be self-funded. Some students may be eligible to apply for a College Travel Grant, however each College operates differently and we therefore encourage you to contact your college directly for more information.

We look forward to sharing more details with you soon.

If you are planning on staying in Oxford a little longer the Teaching Evidence-Based Practice module runs 16 - 20 September.