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EBMLive will form part of our Evidence-Based Health Care Summer School, July 2022. Aimed at EBHC students and professionals in the field of health and social care, EBMLive focuses on three core themes: informing decisions, fostering high-quality research, and translating knowledge for better healthcare.

Early bird registration £425, Concessions £155

Transforming the communication of health evidence and risk for informing decisions

An informed public, an informed patient is central to effective health care. How can we expand the role of patients, health professionals and policy makers in research and make research evidence relevant, replicable and accessible to end users.

Developing and fostering future teachers and leaders in evidence based health care

How do we encourage the next generation of leaders in evidence-based medicine, and cultivate the skills to deal with uncertainty, recognise poor quality evidence and deliver great healthcare.

Synthesizing and curating evidence and knowledge for better policy

What do we mean by the best available evidence? As we drown in healthcare information, how should evidence be synthesised and disseminated? What have we learnt from covid about the production of evidence, and how can evidence educate decision makers to generate informative transparent evidence-based healthcare policy?


Registration is now open.

See programme of events here.