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This paper describes an induction voltage adder (IVA) being designed by Titan Pulse Sciences Division (TPSD) for AWE Aldermaston, UK. This IVA will be used to power the radiography sources in AWE's planned three-axis Hydrodynamic Research Facility (HRF). TPSD will provide the IVAs and AWE will provide the radiographic diodes. The full IVA will in its initial configuration deliver a 14 MV, 110 kA, 50-60 ns pulse first to a large area diode and then to a developmental radiographic diode. The HRF IVA has been designed utilizing two-conductor water dielectric pulse forming lines (pfls) with laser triggered gas switches and can be reconfigured to power a range of radiographic diodes with peak powers from 1.5 to 3.9 TW and peak voltages from 8 to 16.8 MV. LSP simulations of the vacuum region aided by parapotential theory have explored and optimized the coupling of the different IVA configurations to various diodes [1]. © 2005 IEEE.

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Conference paper

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308 - 313