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This method for determination of Rb+ in human plasma and erythrocytes by graphite-furnace atomic absorption spectrophotometry has a sensitivity of 29 nmol/L for plasma 12 nmol/L for erythrocytes. The detection limit is 24 nmol/L for plasma, 4.8 nmol/L for erythrocytes. This assay is approximately 30-fold more sensitive than previously reported techniques involving atomic absorption spectrophotometry, enabling use of smaller samples. The rubidium signal is linear with concentration up to 1.2 μmol/L, and addition of other cations to the matrix produces only minor alterations in the Rb+ signal. We measured plasma and erythrocytic Rb+ concentrations in healthy subjects and in patients with untreated essential hypertension. In both, our values are similar to those previously reported for healthy individuals.


Journal article


Clinical Chemistry

Publication Date





274 - 276