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  • Team: Elizabeth Spencer, Carl Heneghan
  • Theme: Prevention
  • Ongoing projects

Multimorbidity is the co-occurrence of two or more diseases in the same individual where each must be a non-communicable disease, or a mental health disorder, or a long duration infectious disease.

  • Multimorbidity is more common with ageing, affecting two-thirds of the elderly.
  • Around one in four adults in the UK have two or more long-term conditions, often known as ‘multimorbidity’, and this rises to two-thirds of people aged 65 years or over.
  • Evidence shows multimorbidity decreases quality of life and increases morbidity and mortality

The EBMultimorbidity project focuses on early recognition, screening and treatment of multimorbidity to reduce the morbidity and minimise the risks to individuals while improving their quality of life and reducing costs to the healthcare system.

Project 1: Biomarkers in Multimorbidity: Scoping review and white paper protocol

We are undertaking a scoping review of the literature to identify the available evidence on biological and physiological markers and incident multimorbidity in adults.

Specifically, we will:

  1. Identify the biological and physiological markers associated with incident multimorbidity
  2. Map the literature on biomarkers in multimorbidity, identify key concepts and gaps in the research literature
  3. Assess the current levels of evidence, the quality of evidence and provide a synthesis of the evidence on biomarkers in multimorbidity
  4. Describe what the literature shows on the relationship between biomarkers and multimorbidity.


This project has received funding from the UK Spine Knowledge Exchange FUND


Biomarkers in Multimorbidity: Scoping review and white paper protocol