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Clare Bankhead

Professor of Epidemiology and Research Design

Aleksandra (Ola) Borek

Senior Qualitative Researcher in Behavioural Science

Padraig Dixon

Senior Researcher in Health Economics

Thomas Fanshawe

Senior Medical Statistician

Susannah Fleming

Senior Quantitative Researcher

Jennifer Hirst

Senior Research Fellow

Constantinos Koshiaris

Senior Medical Statistician

Jonathan Livingstone-Banks

Lecturer & Senior Researcher in Evidence-Based Healthcare

Oscar Lyons

Teaching Fellow

Julie McLellan

Programme Manager & Researcher

Maria Vazquez Montes

Senior Statistician

Nikki Newhouse

Postdoctoral Researcher

Emma Ogburn

CTU Director of Operations

Jason Oke

Senior Statistician

José M. Ordóñez-Mena

Senior Medical Statistician

Milensu Shanyinde

Senior Statistician

Margaret Smith

Senior Statistician and Epidemiologist

Richard Stevens

Associate Professor, Medical Statistics

Marta Wanat

Senior Qualitative Researcher in Behavioural Science

Geoff Wong

Associate Professor of Primary Care

Ly-Mee Yu

Professor of Clinical Trials and Biostatistics