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Jong-Wook Ban

EBHC DPhil student

Jon Brassey

Jon Brassey

Director, TRIP Database

Iain Chalmers

Associate Tutor, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

Mike Clarke

Director of Northern Ireland Methodology Hub, Queen's University Belfast

Dr Luis Eduardo Fontes

Professor of Evidence-Based Medicine

Khamis Elessi

Associate Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Islamic University, Gaza

Peter Gill

Senior Associate, Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine

Muir Gray

Honorary Clinical Researcher

Sean Heneghan

Senior Associate Tutor, Oxford University

Daniel Howdon

Health Economist, Leeds Institute of Health Sciences

Edmund Jack

Tutor on Teaching Evidence Based Medicine, CEBM

Rod Jackson

Professor of Epidemiology, University of Auckland

Tom Jefferson


Marcy McCall MacBain

Lecturer in Evidence-Based Health Care & Senior Research Fellow

Margaret McCartney

GP, Glasgow

Bethany Shinkins

Associate Professor, Academic Unit of Health Economics, University of Leeds