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Milensu Shanyinde

MSc, PhD

Senior Statistician, Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit

Prior to joining Primary Care Clinical Trials Unit (PC-CTU), I worked at Centre for Statistics in Medicine where I was a trial statistician for a number of cancer clinical trials (predominantly randomised controlled trials). I first joined PC-CTU in 2013, where I was trial statistician for a number of trials including; ARCHIE, BARACK-D, StAR and EXPERT.

 In 2014 I went to pursue a PhD in Population Health, focusing on HIV/HCV at University College London and completed in 2022.  My research looked into the complication of managing HIV in relation to Hepatitis C in persons seen for routine clinical care in Italy. My research involved various data analysis of an Observational Cohort study of approximately 20,000 HIV-positive individuals.

During my PhD studies, I re-joined PC-CTU in 2018 and continued work in randomised controlled trials (DROPLET extension, SUMMIT-D, HABIT, INVICTUS; Respiratory illness related project – PRUDENCE, Value Dx; Mental health related projects; SOCWELL, PAX-D, Ebselen) and more recently involved in COVID-19 trials (PRINCIPLE, PANORAMIC, OCEANS III). I have also provided statistical consultancy for the Biomedical Research Council in Department of Psychiatry.

I have over 10 years experience as a medical statistician. I have worked in wide range of clinical areas, including but not limited to cancer, cardiovascular medicine, mental health and vaccine studies and respiratory.

I am also Research Adviser for the NIHR Research Design Service (South Central). I am also a member of the data and monitoring and trial steering committee of national trials as an independent statistician.