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Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas

Justin Thomas

DPhil title:

Contextualising Multi-Leveled System Evidence to Inform the Design & Modeling of an Airport Healthcare Service

Research abstract

I use a mixed-methods approach to synthesise and contextualise evidence from a macro-, meso- and micro-systems level to design and model an evidence-based airport healthcare service against the Intervention Levels Framework.

The project will identify, describe, synthesis and contextualise the following evidence related to Airport Healthcare:

  • International health legislation
  • Barriers & facilitators to system performance
  • Organisational Workstreams and operational procedures 

I use the evidence to develop the following Quality Measurement Tools for Airport Healthcare:

  • Composit Key Performance Indicators
  • Performance Monitoring Tool
  • System Model for the Airport Healthcare Service


Dr Stephanie Tierney

Prof Kamal Mahtani

Dr Catia Nicodemo

Dr Willem Stassen


I began working in Airport Healthcare in 2016 as a Duty Supervisor. I was promoted into the Chief Paramedic Officer in 2019 after graduating from the University of New South Wales (Australia) in 2018 with a Master in Health Management and a Master in International Public Health.

I began in Paramedicine in 2008 when I started studying towards my Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care at the University of Johannesburg. I Completed the degree in 2013 and began working in a Private Rural Paramedicine Service in South Africa.

Here I was exposed to the full spectrum of paramedicine, including, road operations on both ambulances and primary response vehicles; critical care retrieval on both Road ICU Vehicles, Helicopter EMS (HEMS) and Fixed-wing Aeromedical Services.

In 2015 I began working in a Public Rural Paramedicine Service as an operational paramedic before moving in Airport Paramedicine.

Research interests

  • Health Policy & Systems Research
  • Health Management & Quality Improvement
  • Emergency Care Operations
  • Disaster Management
  • Airport Healthcare, Port Health & Travel Medicine