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Jamie Hartmann-Boyce

MA, DPhil

Associate Professor

  • Director of the Evidence-Based Healthcare DPhil Program
  • Fellow, Kellogg College
  • Editor, Cochrane

I am involved in research and teaching, and serve as the director of the part-time Evidence-Based Healthcare DPhil programme within the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine. My particular interests lie in evidence synthesis (both quantitative and qualitative) and the communication of complex information and data to inform policy and public action. I am passionate about engaging the public in our research and have been involved in podcasts, blogging, tv and radio interviews, and songwriting to communicate research results outside of academia.

Research interests

My research mainly consists of evidence synthesis work, with a focus on health behaviours, long-term conditions, and new and complex methodologies. I am also involved in a range of primary research projects, including use of general practice databases.  I have an MA in the history of medicine; my MA work explored the tobacco industry's influence on discourses about personal responsibility for health in the 1950s and 60s. My DPhil research focussed on the self-management of weight, and included the Oxford Food and Activity Behaviours (OxFAB) study.

Teaching and supervision

I teach at the undergraduate and postgraduate level, including courses on critical appraisal, systematic review methodology, and behaviour change. I supervise DPhil and MSc students and  undergraduate student projects, ranging from systematic reviews to explorations of literature in health. I'm not currently taking on more DPhil students.