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AbstractBackground and AimsInadequate reporting of smoking cessation intervention trials is common and leads to significant challenges for researchers. The aim of this study was to tailor CONSORT (Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials)‐SPI (Social and Psychological Interventions) guidelines to improve reporting of trials of behavioural interventions to promote smoking cessation.MethodInformed by missing data from the IC‐SMOKE (Intervention and Comparison group support provided in SMOKing cEssation) systematic review project, this study used a multi‐stage Delphi process to examine which items could be added or modified to improve the reporting of smoking cessation trials. The first stage involved an on‐line survey of 17 international experts in smoking cessation and trial methodology voting on the importance of items for inclusion in the updated guidelines. This was followed by a face‐to‐face expert consensus meeting attended by 15 of these experts, where the final inclusion and exclusion of new items and modifications were agreed upon. A nine‐point Likert scale was used to establish consensus, with suggested modifications requiring agreement of 75% or more. Disagreements in the first stage were presented again at the second stage for discussion and a second round of voting. Only items which reached the threshold for agreement were included.ResultsThe experts agreed on the inclusion of 10 new items and the specification of 12 existing items. This included modifications that could apply to trials more widely (e.g. the rationale for the comparator), but also modifications that were very specific to smoking cessation trials (e.g. the reporting of smoking cessation outcomes).ConclusionsA Delphi study has developed a modified CONSORT‐SPI guideline (CONSORT‐SPI‐SMOKE) to improve the reporting of trials of behavioural interventions to promote smoking cessation.

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