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The Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine and Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences are entering our 30th year of training health professionals and educators in the science and art of teaching evidence-based medicine.

Dr David Nunan, Director of MSc Evidence-Based Health Care - Teaching and Education

To celebrate this milestone, we held a roundtable session with current tutors and faculty, at Kellogg College in September. Our esteemed panel included superstars of TEBM with multiple years of experience under their belts including Professor Carl Heneghan, Nia Roberts, Professor Ashok Handa, Dr Edmund Jack, and Professor Kamal Mahtani, chaired by Course Director for the MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care – Teaching and Education, Dr David Nunan.

multiple people sitting in chairs at an event, facing a panel of people with a big screen behind them featuring lots of peoples faces
They discussed their experience of teaching EBM topics over the past 30 years and what the future holds, sharing their highs, lows and top tips with a very engaged audience, including several Master’s and DPhil students. In what proved to be a lively and engaging debate they covered topics including:

  • How has the changing evidence ecosystem impacted how we teach EBM?
  • What will future learners need to be taught?
  • And who (or what) should teach them?

You can find out more about our MSc in Evidence-Based Health Care – Teaching and Education and related short courses here.

 people walking in the grounds of kellogg college with their backs to us with the buildings in the back ground and gardens around them