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Led by the Centre for Evidence-Based Medicine, and jointly run by the Department for Continuing Education, this summer school invites EBHC students, supervisors, consumers, and leading evidence-based experts into the surroundings of Kellogg College, University of Oxford. 4-20 July. Spanning three weeks this unique experience offers: EBHC modules; non-accredited short courses; a selection of workshops and EBMLive 2022.

Close up of the Radcliffe Camera on a sunny day with blossom tree © Shutterstock

The aim of this summer school is to foster debate and engage with like-minded colleagues while offering additional learning relevant to evidence-based health care post pandemic.

During this event, dinners, lunches and other social events will be hosted.

Each summer school event must be registered for individually, enabling attendees to pick and choose which events they wish to attend. Concession rates are available upon registration for students in Medical and Health Sciences and Evidence-Based Health Care alumni (excluding the accredited module)

All individual events are highlighted below. You can click on the links for more information and/or to register your place. 

The History and Philosophy of Evidence-Based Health Care, 4-8 July 2022

This accredited EBHC course module, facilitated by Carl Heneghan and Jonathan Livingstone Banks, provides an opportunity for students to engage with epidemiologists and researchers in defining the history, philosophy and practice of evidence-based health care. Click here for details.

Medicine and the Media Workshop, 4-7 July 2022

This workshop led by Steve Woloshin and Barry Kramer, enables communicators of evidence-based medicine to reduce uncertainty when reporting evidence. Click here for details.

EBHC Leadership School, 5-6 July 2022

This two-day workshop, led by Kamal Mahtani and Sean Heneghan, provides an understanding of leadership and how it is expressed in healthcare environments. Topics include values, ethics and change. Click here for details.

An Introduction to qualitative systematic reviews, 7 July 2022

This one-day workshop, facilitated by Dr. Stephanie Tierney, introduces the different approaches to qualitative synthesis. Click here for details.

EBHC Skills Workshops, 11-15 July 2022

Led by various EBM experts, these workshop cover a range of topics including maximizing research for impact, open research practices, and developing protocols for systematic reviews. Click here for details. 

EBMLive, 18-20 July 2022

The theme of this conference focuses on informing decisions, fostering high-quality research, and translating knowledge for better healthcare. Click here for details.